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Skyrim: 10 Best Caves, Ranked. In the end choose the lower dialogue option (screen above), rejecting his offer and therefore starting the hunt. (no crafting) Head to Bloated Mans Grotto. 92. Luckily you don't have to worry that he will run away after dealing with all three groups, as after killing all the hunter he will just move on to attacking you. Despite the quest came to an end, I'd recommend returning to the camp of the Khajiits who you have killed, choosing the path leading east. Notice - during this and the further battles as well, don't use AoE spells as Sinding might turn against you if you hurt him! The Glacial Cave containing Shadowhunt has been significantly altered to not be such a boring location, also it's been moved to within the borders. The armor is craftable and found under the "Ebony" tree. SKYRIM Special Edition Playthrough - Episode 10 Bloated Mans Grotto - posted in Nexus video-share: SKYRIM Special Edition Playthrough - Episode 10 Bloated Mans Grotto Accept the hunt and track him down to Bloated Man's Grotto. This suggests that he left the grotto and hoped that, if the Thalmor killed him, then they would not enter the grotto and would thus be unable to destroy the shrine to Talos. Head out of Bloated Man's Grotto and you should automatically begin a second conversation with the Aspect of Hircine (screen above). You also won't have to worry about the curse, as Hircine will take away the cursed ring from you. (Optional) Speak to Mathies, the father of the slain child in Falkreath. Some objects have been added to Bloated Man's Grotto, but they are very unlikely to conflict with anything. Don't let them surround you even if you're playing as a warrior, as their attack can deal large damage. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Broken Oar Grotto-Hargar's Chest; User Info: BrotherKurt22. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. one slightly hidden to the right of the waterfall/lake area (when facing the waterfall) one 'fancy-chest' in an open area after the 2nd set of steps; one very-well-hidden 'fancy-chest' in the SW corner; LOCATION: Describing where Sinding stops is unreliable, because it would depend on where you killed the last hunter. The cave is part of a much larger cave system, but the rest of the area is blocked off by a hidden stone door. Whenever I try to enter the ruins however, the only thing that will happen is that it will wait for a few seconds and crash to my desktop. You rather won't be able to defeat Sinding with the first hunters group. I'd suggest saving the game on your way, as you will soon face an important choice: Note! You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Where is the Spell Tome / How do I get the spell? This door can only be opened by going through the East Empire Company Warehouse. If you want to fulfill Hircine's wish and kill Sinding, skip to. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies This is where the quest splits up and gives you different rewards for the outcome. Could possibly continue to add more down the road, but for now this is it! Before you there's yet another battle and this time you will have to eliminate three hunters. This is a ported version of my original Skyrim mod, now it can be enjoyed in the Special Edition. May be incompatible with anything that changes Bloated Man's Grotto. Speak with him and Sinding will promise to stay away from civilization, as long as you spare him. the weapon chest is not there for me SSGSS+Kx20+R'+MUI LilianBeat Oct 21, 2017 @ 11:35am the locust storm spell is hidden for me and i dont see it anywhere in … Keep fighting until you defeat Sinding. Continue going onwards. Walk past Anise’s Cabin and through Brittleshin Pass and then head west. The prize for completing this quest will taking the curse off of the Ring of Hircine. It once belonged to Acilius Bolar, an Imperial Blades member who survived the attack on Cloud Ruler Temple by the forces of the Thalmor. After reaching the destination, find the entrance to Bloated Man's Grotto (screen above). 29. PC. There are a total of four underwater chests hidden inside: Immediately after entering the grotto, head left down the ladder leading into the water. 6 years ago. Try to keep Sinding occupied at all times, as his health bar can regenerate at a quite staggering rate. Oghma Infinium Location. The Daedric Lord will be impressed by the fact that you were able to deal with his hunters. u/itchy-rat. The location is nearby a big lake, BUT you need to approach it from the northern side. The Slow Time Shout might come in handy for example (screen above), thanks to which you will be able to perform successful attacks easily. From there, he traveled north to Skyrim, eventually ending up in the grotto. You will therefore be able to use it as you please, with two possible werewolf transformations per 24 hours (by default it was only one). The hunter will tell you that the Khajiits were unable to defeat the werewolf, who turned out to be stronger and smarter than them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Guide by So I'm doing the Ill Met By Moonlight quest and I've arrived at Bloated Man's Grotto. After you've hunted the White Stag and caused an aspect of Hircine to appear, Hircine will order you to hunt down Sinding, who is currently hiding in Bloated Man's Grotto, and rip the skin from his body. Note! Search Inside, there will be a chest with the weapons and a note to Acilius 200 years go for some lore if your into that sort of thing. Feel free to use in your mod, just give proper credits. Skyrim SE version: Full Moon Weapons Mod Authors: This is a mod resource. By Zoe Delahunty-Light 04 September 2019. Removed Places: Oakwood, because co All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Bloated Man's Grotto (screen above). yeah, but this one is the one that is the most well hidden, It's a part of a mission where you crash a ship and are promised loot and a safe return for sailors little do you know though, Wrong cave dude ;) You are thinking of Broken oar Grotto, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No vanilla records are altered. Bug on "Ill Met By Moonlight" - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Im playing a heavily modded playthrough and ive gotten the quest Ill Met by Moonlight, everything was working fine until upon entering Bloated Mans Grotto Sinding was not there. Extracted Sanctified Light is found at the smelter. It belongs to Eorlund Grey-Mane, the only person who can create Skyforge steel. The Ultimate Fix for Bloated Saves (Freezing Lag) - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Fix for Bloated Saves Well, some peoples are having the bloated save problem, that causes the lag for some seconds. The werewolf will thank you for your help and maintain his promise. The prize for completing this quest will be the very precious light armor Savior's Hide. Despite the quest came to an end, I'd recommend returning to the camp of the Khajiits who you have killed, choosing the path leading east. 7 Skyrim hidden chest locations that’ll make you richer than Maven Black-Briar. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bethesda Softworks or Bethesda Softworks. Finish the “I’ll Be Met by Moonlight” Quest to get this item and receive +15% magic and poison resistance. I talked to the last one, and that updated my quest to say "Kill Sinding" ... but there was no Sinding. Hircine will also tell you to hurry, as there are other hunters in the grotto competing for his favor. If you want to kill Sinding instead of cooperating with him, skip to Option B - Kill Sinding. The Daedric Lord will be impressed by the fact that you were able to deal with his hunters. I'd recommend checking out the chest that you come across on your way, as there are some precious items hidden inside. If you want a hint: As for maximizing the damage you deal, Sinding doesn't have high resistance to attacks based on fire. Bloated Man’s Grotto is a cave located amidst mountains near the Brittleshin Pass. So I'm doing the quest "Tending The Flames", and I need to go find King Olaf's Verse in Dead Man's Respite. Soon you should meet two hunter, namely Rissing and Trasun (screen above). Odd question, but I was doing a bounty quest to clean out some pirates and while the quest went smoothly, I CANNOT find the leader's chest. It is the hideout of the Blackblood Marauders, a group of bandits led by Jaree-Ra, his sister Deeja, and Captain Hargar. Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue with my game right now. The cave has a Shrine of Talos nearby with quite a history. All mods from the steam workshop, that work very well together, no crashes, or bugs! Enter the Grotto and talk with Sinding. To get here, start from Riverwood and walk across the White River in the northwest direction. When I got inside, I found some hunters (not the ones listed on the quest page), and all but one were dead. After all that work I decided I didn't want this to just be a personal mod, so I'm releasing it. I killed Hargar, pulled "Hargar's Chest Key" off his corpse and can't find it anywhere. The second group will consist of three characters, namely Torkild, Yar gro-Gatuk and Eriana (screen above). You should soon reach a place where you will note Sinding standing on a rock ledge (he has transformed into a werewolf in the meantime). Sorry, we've got no plans for mobile versions of this game guide. I'd recommend beginning in Rorikstaed (you would need to head south-east) or Whiterun (south-west). After the Thalmor attacked Cloud Ruler Temple, Acilius Bolarwas the only known survivor of the attack. After they rob the Icerunner with the help of the Dragonborn, they will take the loot and hide it here. They will be Heratar, Ra'kheran and Ahjisi (screen above). Be careful, as on your way you may come across wild animals, bandits or especially dangerous Giants. The first chest will be on your right next to a rock and skeleton. His blade, along with his written oath, were placed at the foot of the Shrine of Talos in Bloated Man's Grottobefore he met his death at the hands of the Thalmor. The puzzle blocks have the usual snake, bird and whale signs, but I am unable to figure out the puzzle. Copyright © 2000 - 2021 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. These are the best ones to check out. You should soon reach a place where you will note Sinding standing on a rock ledge (he has transformed into a werewolf in the meantime). Go through the cave and after reaching a small camp, speak with the dying Khajiit J'Kier (screen above). On the local … I saved my game in front of the ruins, and every time I load it everything works fine. You will have more chances with the second or third group (screen above). So, I was having that problem and searched for days for a tutorial of how to fix it, with no results. Face south and you’ll also see a chest floating in midair. I'd recommend checking the chest you come across on your way, as there are a few precious items inside. Follow Sinding's steps, using the stairs and heading north-west. It's also a good idea to change into a werewolf (screen above), as claw attacks should deal high damage. Letting me know you used it is apreciated. If you prefer ranged attacks, don't jump down and attack the hunters from up high. Archived. hidden chest in Bloated Mans Grotto : skyrim. Ill Met By Moonlight: Participate in the Daedric Prince Hircine's Great Hunt. I decided to go old school with this one, and introduce them to the game via chest. Has anyone come across this and has … There is a rotating puzzle involving 3 puzzle blocks at the location described (between North Brittleshin Pass and Sleeping Tree Camp, the location makes a sort of triangle with North Brittleshin and Bloated Man's Grotto, the puzzle blocks being the point of the triangle). The Daedric Lord will be happy with the results of the hunt. 1st playthrough - stumbled upon this location and found a really cool Katana (Bolar's Oathblade). It should be a fun hunt to find it. However, he was pursued by the Thalmor and as such, to prevent the Thalmor from "desecrating" the shrine, went to "face his death with honor." Many deep, dark caves dot the province of Skyrim, concealing secrets and treasure from intrepid explorers. After the battle, approach Sinding and speak to him (screen above). Bloated Man's Grotto is a gorgeous location, situated just between Whiterun and Rorikstead. Steam Workshop: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you refuse, s… A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Rissing is by far more resistant, so he should die last. The prize for completing this quest … » Sun May 20, 2012 3:49 am . It is located in the Bloated Man’s Grotto. Speak with him and Sinding will promise to stay away from civilization, as long as you spare him. You should soon come across the Aspect of Hircine, with which you need to speak (screen above). Open the world map and find the destination, i.e. An additional advantage of such a method is that Sinding is almost always more interested in attacking the hunters than you. Approach the werewolf's body, interact with it and confirm the will to skin it (screen above), therefore gaining Sinding's Skin. It's the perfect spot for my Dragonborn to settle down in and trade with passersby, I thought, and since I couldn't find another mod of the sort I went and learned how to make one myself. BrotherKurt22 8 years ago #1. Resume exploring the area. The running werewolf will from time to time bump into other hunters taking part in the hunt (screen above) and it's a very good chance to catch up with him and deal some damage. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. Any advice Bethesda? Describing based on the Talos shrine is useless if you helped Sinding (because it's gone). If you don't want to kill Sinding and rescue him instead, skip to Option A - Spare Sinding. The first to die should be Yar and Eriana, as they will probably attack you and Sinding from a distance. Changes from the original: Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul have been moved so that they're no longer outside of the borders. Bloated Man's Grotto Glitch? Versions and update info: V1.0 Initial release Compatibility and required files: Requires Skyrim. Posted by. Head to Bloated Mans Grotto (South West of Whiterun) and look for two chests (one behind & weapons to the left) the Talos statue half way through. Head out of Bloated Man's Grotto and you should automatically begin a second conversation with the Aspect of Hircine (screen above). There are actually four chests throughout the area. After the conversation, choose the path leading north (screen above). In the end choose the upper dialogue option (screen above), promising to help him in getting rid of the hunters who are trying to kill him. It is in Bloated Man's Grotto, but it is well-hidden. An interesting way of slowing down the werewolf is using potions, weapons or spells with paralysis effect. Follow Sinding's steps, using the stairs and heading north-west.

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