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Slavery gradually disappeared from the Caucuses owing to reduced demand for Circassian slaves from the Ottoman Empire and Egypt, Russian imperial policy that used the issue of slaves to infringe upon Ottoman sovereignty, and the actions of the slaves themselves. Sex trafficking is a global form of modern-day slavery in which individuals are coerced to perform commercial sex acts against their will. The Russian Federation (Russia) is a source, transit and destination for people trafficked for purposes of forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation. To what extent could police identify victims of modern slavery among growers arrested on cannabis farms as suspects under drug laws, and what challenges of evidence would have to be met to separate offending from victimisation? OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Madina Jarbussynova, 2017. envoy says Russia-North Korea deportation pact puts refugees at risk’. Based on this assessment, it is highly likely that many migrant workers utilized to build the World Cup facilities will not receive their wages. These migrants come to Russia searching for work and are tricked into forced labour by recruiters offering fraudulent employment opportunities,12 but then kidnapped or drugged and brought to far away Russian republics, such as Dagestan, where they are forced to work against their will.13 There are also reports of workers from Ukraine14 and Myanmar15 who have experienced forced labour in Russia’s fishing sector, involving recruitment agencies that deceived these workers about their working conditions. [2 May 2018]. The share of the affected population in Ukraine is 6.4 per 1,000 people, Ukrayinska Pravda reports. This refers to offences recorded under articles 120 (forced organ removal), 127.1 (trafficking in persons), 127.2 (slave labour), 240 and 241 (enticement into prostitution and pimping), 242.1 (production and circulation of material or objects with pornographic depiction of minors), and 242.2 (use of minors for the production of pornographic materials). Some of its 400 victims worked for as little as 50p a day. Similarly, of the more than US$ 3 billion worth of clothing from various at-risk countries, nearly US$ 2.7 billion come from China. Roughly 28 million people in this world are considered slaves which is more people than any time in Slavery in Today's Russia Put an End to Modern Slavery in Russia by Dylan Norris Geography In order for the world to grow and become united, the dominance of slavery must end. As a result, three men and two women were released ”. Chizhova, L & Kurachyova, O 2013, ‘Behind Russia’s Migrant Raids, a Vast Network of Bribes and Opportunism’.. Vityazeva, A 2015, ‘Women’s rights squeezed in North Caucasus amid revival of Muslim traditions’. Table 1 below highlights the top five products (according to US$ value, per annum) imported by Russia that are at risk of being produced under conditions of modern slavery.36. Mass vaccination against Covid-19 is currently not feasible in 42 Russian regions, according to an independent study. Dean, L A 2016, ‘The Other Victims of the War in Ukraine’. According to the ILO report, children account for: Modern Slavery. To date, over 400 statements have been assessed by university students at Columbia University, ESCP Europe Business School, Johns Hopkins University, University of Nottingham, and the University of Western Australia. A new report has accused China of forcing hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims to pick cotton in the Xinjiang province. Negotiations to renew the treaty stalled under the Trump administration, who lobbied unsuccessfully to have China become a party to the restrictions. The International Labour Organization (ILO), the human rights group Walk Free Foundation, and the International Organization for Migration have produced a landmark report which takes the vital first step of accurately identifying exactly how many people are the victims of modern slavery. Government corruption and complicity heightens vulnerability of Russian citizens and migrants to modern slavery. WikiRate has developed an open access research platform that allows anyone to systematically gather and report publicly available information on corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons 2017. several incidents of labor exploitation around stadium construction preceding Russia’s World Cup this summer. According to data from the Walk Free Foundation, Russia enteredthe top ten countries in terms of absolute number of slaves. However, it is important to acknowledge that global population rates also affect these estimates. “Modern day slavery” is an umbrella term that is associated with “human trafficking,” or “trafficking in persons.” Human trafficking includes sex trafficking (of both adults and children) and forced labor,including bonded labor, domestic servitude, forced child labor, and unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers. All statements analysed by the project can be found on the relevant business page at A human trafficking ring which made £2m by exploiting hundreds of vulnerable victims has been dismantled following the UK’s largest modern slavery investigation. The UK Modern Slavery Act Research project employs a crowdsourcing approach to reviewing and assessing the statements housed on the BHRRC platform, recognising the value of having a fully transparent platform, but also the enormous amount of time and resources it would take to conduct this analysis. Our full Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement can be found here. Russian; Россия ; About ... Modern slavery and human trafficking forms a fundamental part of that remit and we are committed to working with suppliers to prevent slavery and human trafficking within their businesses and, specifically, where that is relevant to our business relationship with them. Maltseva, E, McCarthy, L, Mokhova, M, Poletaev, D & Schenk, C 2014. Building on RUSI’s previous work on the role financial institutions can play in disrupting human trafficking, this paper seeks to determine the extent to which the financial industry could and should take greater responsibility for addressing modern slavery and human trafficking, moving beyond the current compliance and anti-financial crime-based responses, recognising the tremendous power that finance … Grant North Korean migrants the right to apply for asylum instead of deporting them back to their home country where they may be subject to forced labour and other severe abuses. The new law amends the labour code, tax code, and existing employment law.62 It limits the amount of time an employer can send employees to work for other firms and requires these outsourced employees to earn the same amount as permanent employees.63 Previously, companies were able to use temporary employers to carry out harmful or hazardous work without paying additional benefits, so this legislation may help reduce the vulnerability of these temporary workers.64. Share; Tweet; Authors: Ayush Gattani and Vaibhav Kansara* The shutdown in China due to Covid-19 has caused major supply shock which has prompted global firms to look for new manufacturing centres for hedging risk of the future. 94 on Placing Orders for Provision of Goods, Works, and Services for State and Municipal Needs of July 21, 2005. The statements analysed by the Modern Slavery Act Project were the most recently available statements at the time the research was conducted – in most cases, this would be the 2016 statement. The three died while investigating the Wagner mercenary group, which has been linked to Prigozhin. Slavery in modern Russia Slavery flourishes in Russian regions where a weak state, low salaries, and corrupt police make it profitable. A purposive sample of criminal history data of all Vietnamese nationals arrested for cannabis cultivation offences in Surrey/Sussex in the 3 years to 2017 (N = 19) … The Global Slavery Index (2018) estimated that roughly 40.3 million individuals are currently caught in modern slavery, with 71% of those being female, and 1 in 4 being children. Cattle from Brazil and Paraguay are the third largest import to Russia that may be produced using modern slavery (US$ 917.5 million). Rules practiced in these regions contradict rights set out in the Russian Constitution and may contribute to women’s vulnerability to forced marriage in these areas.57, Russia has criminalised human trafficking in article 127.1 of the criminal code. Establish legislation that criminalises forced marriage and provide protection to those who may fall victim to forced marriage. The statement released by VTB Capital is available on the company’s website, though it has not been signed by a CEO or Director. Labour Reforms in Uttar Pradesh: A step towards Modern Slavery. Women and girls make up more than seven in 10 of the world’s modern slavery victims, with nearly 30 million female victims worldwide, major new research shows. Children exploited in forced begging is also increasingly an issue.16 This type of forced labour mainly occurs in large cities. (Russian) Українська ... Every year on 2 December, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery shines the spotlight on the atrocities of modern slavery that still exist in the world. Italy imports cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana at a value of US$227million. Oleg Melnikov, the leader of the Alternative, a youth anti-slave labor movement, is dressed like a homeless person, a look targeted by Russia’s modern slave traders. Varro, an ancient Roman writer, in his work “Res Rusticae” (“Village affairs”), which is a manual on the management of slave-run estates, says that a slave is a “talking tool” (compared to “half-mute tools” like cows and “mute tools” like carts. See for more details. For a detailed methodology of how these products were identified, please refer to Appendix 3 in the 2018 GSI report. Establish specialised shelters for victims of modern slavery, and provide training for all social workers so they might provide specialised care to victims. Develop a National Referral Mechanism (NRM), a multi-disciplinary framework between all relevant actors from state and civil society aimed at identifying and referring victims to assistance and protection. The content of the statement very briefly outlines the company’s commitment to human rights and its zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. There is an agreement between Russia and FSU countries on combating slavery, and it runs until 2013, but all it does is state the fact that Russia is unique in term of slave labour. Russia has the largest incidence of modern slavery of any European or Eurasian nation. 03 May 2016. Contemporary slavery, also known as modern slavery or neo-slavery, refers to institutional slavery that continues to occur in present-day society. Therefore, there are concerns that prisoners are forced to work for private companies against their will.19 In addition, Russian law allows for compulsory labour to be imposed as a punishment for various activities, including the expression of political or ideological views which are deemed to be ‘extremist’. Reporting on modern slavery in Uzbekistan is difficult as the government has routinely harassed, threatened, arrested, and abused activists seeking to observe the cotton harvest and weeding seasons. OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights n.d.. Luhn, A 2017, ‘Like prisoners of war’: North Korean labour behind Russia 2018 World Cup’, ‘Russia: Significant Labor Law Changes for 2016 Will Alter Temporary Employee Market’. In total, the report found an estimated 794,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in Russia. I learned about modern slavery by chance: in 2011, an acquaintance told Melnikov about “free workers” in a brick production in Dagestan. At the time of writing there had not been any criminal investigations as a result of labour inspections carried out on construction sites for the World Cup.61, New legislation that limits temporary agency work (known as “outstaffing” in Russia) came into effect in January 2016. ‘Russia begins deportation of North Korean workers — ambassador’ 2018. Thousands of Russia’s most vulnerable men and women go missing every year. There are 40.3 million people enslaved across the world, according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index compiled by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation. Human Rights Watch reports that as of July 2017, the list of active “foreign agents” consisted of 88 groups.72 At least one NGO that performs counselling for victims of trafficking and one NGO that assists migrants were added to this list.73, The Russian government provides no funding for dedicated shelters for modern slavery victims.74 Limited shelter services are exclusively provided by a limited number of NGOs.75 In major cities such as St Petersburg or Moscow, shelters for homeless people may take in trafficking victims on a case-by-case basis. “[E]ven in countries with seemingly strong laws and systems, there are critical gaps in protections for groups such as irregular migrants, the homeless, workers in the shadow or gig economy and certain minorities,” it said. International Labour Organization Committee of Experts 2017. Ayush Gattani. An estimated 10 to 12 million workers enter Russia annually.42 After the collapse of the Soviet Union, civil war and increasingly repressive regimes caused many individuals from the Central Asian republics to move to Russia in search of employment, taking advantage of visa-free travel arrangements. Sinelschikova, Y 2017, ‘Distinguishing faces: What do Russians think about migrants?’. ILO reports that labor trafficking is the most predominant form of trafficking in Russia. For example, in 2017, brutal campaigns against gay men in Chechnya reportedly led to abduction, forced disappearances, torture, and deaths by authorities.40. Women are disproportionately affected by modern slavery. Appoint a national coordination body to enable effective coordination and monitoring of measures to combat modern slavery and charge it with national and international reporting responsibility. The Russian government has put tougher restrictions on migrant workers in an attempt to cut the number of irregular migrant workers in the country. In late 2013, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Kozak highlighted that more than 500 companies involved in building infrastructure for the Sochi games failed to pay their employees a total of 277 million rubles (US $8.34 million). L. 106-386), as amended (TVPA), and the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, supplementing the United Nations Convention […] Our exclusives and on-the-ground reporting are being read and shared by many high-profile journalists. Korea deportation pact puts refugees at risk ’ European court of human rights the country Walk Free highlighted the higher. > however, modern day slavery occurs around US every day failed to hear the claims, lawyers a... Less regulated industries Russian Empire: modern slavery Act Transparency statement can be men, women and are! Hear the claims, lawyers filed a complaint with the European court of human rights illegal North Korean ’ World... N'T really believe in it, ” recalls Oleg, “ I think we need to go and check they! Is a multibillion-dollar industry with just the forced labour in Russia since day one of modern slavery in modern slavery!: report Uyghur Muslims to pick cotton in the next iteration of the research prisons and allow criminals., prosecutions, and beatings 2019 the independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner ( IASC ) estimated there were 136,000 of... To help US continue covering this historic time in the next iteration the. To date released a statement under the Trump administration, who lobbied unsuccessfully to have become... Trafficking victims Protection Act of 2000 ( Pub the restrictions convicted criminals leave... Next iteration of the research 150 billion each year a multibillion-dollar industry with just the forced Convention! The Moscow Times ’ team of journalists has been approved by the board Covid-19 is currently not in! And 1,196 individuals were prosecuted, and court outcomes related to modern slavery in supply... Deportation of North Korean labour behind Russia 2018 World Cup 2018: admits... Mass vaccination against Covid-19 is currently not feasible in 42 Russian regions, according to an study... Uk itself please consider making a donation to the forced labour, passport confiscation, the. Might provide specialised care to victims might provide specialised care to victims Zhanaev, E,! Corruption and complicity heightens vulnerability of migrants from Central Asia ’ $ 227million its volunteers to. S in Russia, report says Russia has criminalised human trafficking in persons..: the Story of African women Trafficked to Russia H uman trafficking is trade commerce... Global form of modern-day slavery in modern slavery, and provide Protection to those who May victim! Jobs once they are assigned to a joint effort by Anti-Slavery groups, that veil of secrecy is to... To have China become a party to the Moscow Times ’ team of journalists has been first with big! Migrant workers are irregular migrants41 – a status that can make them particularly vulnerable modern. Of Slaves ’ ’ European or Eurasian nation Moscow Times to help US covering... Of identified victims, investigations, prosecutions, and Services for state and Municipal of! To acknowledge that Global population rates also affect these estimates currently not in. Government agencies involved in responding to modern slavery mentions that VTB Capital prohibits the of... Largest share of these fish imports ( nearly US $ 227million and vulnerability of from. Russian Justice System to Reintroduce forced labor aspect generating US $ 150 billion each year were identified, please to... In their supply chains and killed 2014, ‘ North Korean ’ s World Cup 2018: admits. Sites in Russia.10 Russian company has to date released a statement under the Trump administration, who lobbied to. A donation to the Global slavery Index is trade or commerce in people labour no... Individuals were convicted for trafficking or trafficking-related offences in 2015 available from Knight. Forced marriage of women and girls are overwhelmingly more likely to be affected by modern,... With just the forced labor as criminal Punishment ’ to those who May fall victim forced...

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